New York’s Hudson Valley: A Cider Region

We are working to establish hard cider and apple spirits as signature products of this historic apple region.

We are apple growers, cider makers, and distillers who believe that these products will fulfill the potential of the Hudson Valley as a cider region.

We were first brought together through Glynwood’s Apple Exchange program, when we traveled together to Le Perche in Normandy to visit producers of French cidre and Calvados. Thanks to the “saint of cider” Colette Rossant, we were immersed in an experience that inspired us to return to New York and create a vibrant cider culture here.

With help from Glynwood (, we established the Hudson Valley Cider Alliance to bring recognition to our products and our region. With the belief that hard cider and apple spirits will bring viability to iconic New York orchards, we hope to see this industry grow – and with it, the proliferation of cider apple trees.