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Dec 15, 2017. The Christmas Number 1 is a coveted prize, and while, statistically, you're more likely to win it without. POLL: Vote for who you think will be this year's Official UK Christmas Number 1. Mr Blobby – Christmas In Blobby Land. Dec 25, 2015. It's the most sought after number one of the year - and on Christmas Day we'll know who's taken top honours in this year's festive chart.

Will it be. The original Mr Blobby music video from 1993. This footage was recovered from an old VHS tape (look it up kids), the audio was so poor that it was dubbed ove. Skip navigation Here's our list of the UK Christmas number 1 singles. Which was your favourite Christmas number one?. 1993: Mr Blobby - Mr Blobby. 1992: Whitney Houston. Mr Blobby would knock Take That back off Number 1 the following week and spend a further two weeks there, landing the Official Charts Christmas Number 1, proving that if you want to land that.

How Mr. Blobby Helped Me Get Over the Premature Death of My Father. cassette of the pink and yellow one's famously lambasted Christmas number one. intellectual guardian of Mr. Blobby, I. In which year did mr blobby beat take that to christmas number 1? The KGB Agent answer: Mr Blobby was number 1 in 1993. The Christmas top 3 that year was - 1 Mr Blobby Mr Blobby 2 Take That Babe 3 Chaka Demus& Pliers Twist And Shout So - as we wait to see if Ed Sheeran and Beyoncé's Perfect duet can take the 2017 Christmas crown - let's find out what was number 1 the year YOU were born.

Feb 18, 2016 · The single was the UK Singles Chart Christmas number one single in 1993 Please visit Mr Blobby on Facebook. Dec 19, 2014 · Rather like the Mr Blobby Christmas number one, it remains hard to believe that this adaptation from the television programme Bob the Builder reached the summit of the UK singles chart. But it did and that's something that can never be fixed.

Blobby – Mr. Blobby Step back to late 1993 and Take That were the UK’s biggest pop act, a fresh-faced boyband whose army of screaming teenage fans suggested the Christmas Mr blobby christmas number one year one was a no.

Dec 7, 2017. Every year, artists across the land battle for the number one spot on. challenges faced by modern Brits is explaining Mr Blobby to the rest of. 10 Christmas songs you thought got to Number One. but didn’t. We hear them every year, and anyone could be forgiven for assuming they were Christmas Number Ones. but they weren't. Here are ten festive tunes that you could have sworn had the top spot at Chistmas, but didn't Dec 06, 2011 · Let's all unite together and campaign for Mr.

Blobby's Christmas Song to become Number 1 on the UK Charts once again in the year 2012. Remember to request the. " Mr Blobby" is a novelty song performed by character Mr Blobby, famous for appearing in the TV programme Noel's House Party. The song originally peaked at No.

1 on the UK Singles Chart on 11 December 1993 for one week but reclaimed the top spot to become the Christmas number one single, and spent a total of three weeks at No. 1. It's the most sought after number one of the year - and on Christmas Day we'll know who's taken top honours in this year's festive chart. We'll give you a clue: Mr Blobby is not number one. We. Mr Blobby has been named the most annoying Christmas tune ever.

The survey found two thirds of people think X Factor winner Joe McElderry will be crowned this year's Christmas number one. List of UK Singles Chart Christmas number ones. more so than any other time of year. Many of the Christmas number ones were also the best.

Mr Blobby" Mr Blobby. The Christmas number one singles in Britain. The Christmas Number Ones prior to 1952 are based on sheet music sales. 42, 1993, Mr Blobby, Mr Blobby. His 1995 track" Christmas in Blobbyland" (a number 36 UK entry) was voted the worst festive song ever by British Christmas shoppers in 2011. 1" Mr Blobby" BBCV 5157: Dec 16, 2014.

Who can say what delights await us this year? For now, we'll look back at the ghosts of Christmas past. 1. Mr Blobby – Mr Blobby (1993).