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Downton Abbey Christmas Pudding with Brandy Butter Hard Sauce This recipe is from the wonderful new book, " A Year in the Life of Downton Abbey: Seasonal Celebrations, Traditions, and Recipes" Read my Holiday/Winter 2015 issue! No British Christmas would be the same without the traditional and favorite Christmas pudding.

There are various sauces that work well with the pudding, including this delicious, the most traditional of all, Brandy Sauce. The Christmas Pudding works really well with a boozy, rich sauce which is a perfect balance for the pudding. This caramel brandy sauce is perfect with any of our Christmas pudding recipes. Enjoy! Chelsea. Toggle navigation. Feedback. Browse Recipes Chelsea Bay Our Products. Caramel Brandy Sauce By Chelsea Sugar.

Page views: 3502. Dec 25, 2008 · Brandy sauce is just a pouring custard with brandy added. I usually just make the normal custard powder jobbie, but also beat an egg into the custard powder mixture (or preferably if I've made pav and have yolks over use just one or two yolks), and as much brandy as you like, then add to the hot milk and stir until thickened.

Place all the dried fruit in a bowl. Add the orange rind and juice and sherry or brandy, and set aside to soak. Grease a 1. 4 litre pudding basin and place a disc of greaseproof paper on the bottom. Mix fruit and brandy in a bowl, Brandy sauce for xmas pudding nz and leave overnight in a hot water Brandy sauce for xmas pudding nz or in a warm place.

Next day put fruit and melted butter in bowl, mix. Sift flour, dried ingredients into the bowl with the fruit mixture, stir well.

Christmas wouldn’t be the same without Christmas pudding. If you are keen to reduce the saturated fat in this popular Christmas dessert then replace the butter with polyunsaturated margarine and serve it with the low-fat brandy sauce (see below) and/or offer frozen yoghurt rather than cream or ice-cream.

Serve thick slices with a generous spoonful of hard brandy butter sauce (see recipe on our website). Cooks Tips - If you do not have a pudding bowl, the pudding can be cooked in an oven bag. The is the all-time classic sauce to slather over the traditional Christmas Pudding is a brandy sauce. A pudding already will have either brandy or rum in it depending on your taste, so a splash added to a lovely white sauce becomes a perfect partner.

Jul 07, 2005 · OK I know it is only June, but among other things, we found NZ Christmas Pudding for sale at our local Countdown last week. Well as people were talking about the mid-winter idea of Chistmas here in. Nov 09, 2015 · When both flames and cheers have died down, serve the pudding with brandy or rum sauce, or rum or brandy butter.

If you want to make individual Christmas puddings for gifts, this quantity makes three 6 oz (175 g) small metal pudding. Good Christmas pudding recipes are hard to come by, unless you're lucky enough to have one passed down to you by a relative.

This one, laden with both fresh and dried fruit, won't disappoint. Last-minute Christmas pudding with caramel brandy sauce Grease a 1. 75-litre (7-cup) pudding steamer or basin; line base with a round of baking paper. Place a small wire rack or inverted saucer in the base of a large saucepan - make sure the pan is big enough that the lid can fit with the pudding steamer inside. Classic steamed Christmas pudding recipe, NZ Womans Weekly – Douse this pudding with brandy whisky or rum to add extra flavour Or taking great care flambe ignite to flame the alcohol the pudding.

Stir in the brandy (or rum) and the sugar and serve with Christmas pudding. Recipe Tips You can make this using cornflour instead. 1. In a saucepan, mix cornflour, sugar and ¼ cup of the milk to a smooth paste. Add remaining milk. 2. Cook for 2 to 3 minutes, stirring. Jul 14, 2018. No British Christmas would be the same without a traditional Christmas pudding with a dollop of an easy to make delicious brandy sauce. Delia's Classic Christmas Pudding with Brandy Sauce.

This one's always been a winner in my 40 years of cookery writing. This recipe is adapted from Delia. This Christmas pudding is packed with fruit and lighter than a traditional pudding so you won't feel so stuffed full! Some people enjoy these delicious butters and sauces even more than the Christmas pudding(recipe on this website) itself.