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Odlums. 44K likes. Join Ireland’s favourite home baking community, providing recipes, tips, inspiration and the finest quality baking ingredients since 1845 If you're making and decorating a Christmas cake for the first time or wanting a new twist on the classic mix of spices, dried fruits, nuts and booze, then look no further. Recipes from expert. Browse our collection of the best Christmas cakes for the perfect ending to your holiday meal. Start with a package of devil's food cake mix for this decadent.

Beat in the eggs and mix well to combine. Add the flour and date mixture (including water) to the egg mixture and fold to combine. My cake did not resemble a. Our mixed dried fruit and almond Christmas cake is the perfect addition this festive season. It even makes for a very acceptable Christmas present! Line a 20cms/8" round or 18cms/7" square deep cake tin with a double layer Odlums christmas cake mix.

Mix well. Finally, stir in the raisins, sultanas, cherries, mixed peel, chopped nuts. Christmas Cake Recipes Rich cheesecakes, old-fashioned fruitcakes, gingerbread, and red velvet cake. Get recipes and tips for the most festive Christmas cakes. Our quick and easy recipe will ensure you master the classic christmas cake. Get the recipe Impress friends and family with your brilliant baking, in just a few easy-to-follow steps!

Odlums – Bake with the Best. Recipe Notes: This cake can also be baked using Odlums Cream Plain Flour As oven temperatures vary, cooking times may need adjusting to suit your own. Madeira loaf cake. By Barney Desmazery. if it’s too thick mix in a splash of milk. How to decorate a Christmas cake with a striking but simple pattern.

How to Serve Christmas Cake. The serving of cake is, well, serving cake surely. Not if you happen to be a Christmas cake. The cake is an intrinsic part of the run-up, as much as the day itself. And, as the cake stores so well may be eaten well into the new year. The cake is lovely with a glass of Port. Lindas Christmas Cake. its a beautiful rich christmas cake I make every year for the whole family as a gifts. mix well then add the 3lb mixed dried friut. Impress friends and family with your brilliant baking, in just a few easy-to-follow steps!

Odlums – Bake with the Best. Last minute Christmas cake. Don't worry if you haven't made your cake. Place all the remaining ingredients except the nuts in a mixing bowl and mix thoroughly (I. Traditional Irish Christmas Cake. The night before you intend to bake the cake, put all the ingredients down to and including the whiskey into a bowl and mix well.

Mum has used the same Christmas cake recipe for over 30 years. It came from an old Odlums Christmas recipe leaflet that had, over the years, become worn and was falling apart so one year we had the idea that we’d type up the recipe on the computer, print it out and then we’d have it forever and ever. Nov 19, 2015. A delicious and simple cake to prepare.

500 g packet shamrock luxury fruit mix; 100 g tub shamrock cherries; 100 g tub shamrock mixed peel. Our Best Cake Mix Recipes. No one will ever have to know this show-stopping Christmas cake started with a box of chocolate cake mix! Advertisement. This is ideal for those who just want a small cake and the second cake would make a very acceptable Christmas present! Source: Odlums This entry was posted in Cake, Christmas. Oct 29, 2015. •225g/8oz Odlums Cream Plain Flour (sieved) •175g/6oz Margarine •225g/8oz Dark Brown Sugar •375g Sultanas (one packet) · •375g Fruit Mix.

Line a 20cms/8” round or 18cms/7” square deep cake tin with a double layer of baking parchment. Cream butter and sugar together in a large mixing bowl.

Beat in the eggs with a few spoonfuls of the flour. Odlums christmas cake mix 2017 in London. Find the 20 delicious Best Holiday Cake Ideas or Christmas cakes ideas. Best recipes for Christmas cakes in UK Find this Pin and more on Odlums Recipes by Yolanda Alt. This delicious chocolate log will delight your family this Christmas, go on, give it a go!.

Odlums Christmas Log Updated / Thursday. When cake is baked, turn it onto paper remove lining. Light fruit cake; Light fruit cake. Avg. user rating. 5 /5. Rate this recipe.

Strain the fruit and fold into the cake mix. Pour into a cake tin, bake for 1 hour. Valeo Foods acquires Italian cake firm for €200m. has created fun and festive recipes for Odlums this Christmas. Aisling Hussey on 22 Dec 2014.