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Location and opening hours of Harlow recycling centre, and what you can take. August Bank Holiday Refuse and Recycling Collection Schedule; Dartford Outdoor Theatre programme 2018;.

Dartford Borough Council, Civic Centre, Home Gardens. Find out when your rubbish is collected in Epping Forest, what bins and bags you should put out and how to get rid of bulky waste. Find out when your waste collection is scheduled or how to report a missed bin. You can also get help with your collections if they are bulky or large or you simply cannot manage. Information on recycling more at Christmas. In the event of bin collections being disrupted due to adverse weather conditions, please check the website for the.

Details of recycling and Harlow refuse collection christmas collections over the bank holiday. Monday 24 December (Christmas Eve), Normal collections.

Tuesday 25 December. Green Waste Premium service (fortnightly wheelie bin). Sign up. You can book a real Christmas tree collection in January 2019 using the Green Waste bagged. Find your collection day. Welcome to recycling and refuse. Many service requests can be completed using our on-line forms which can be found at the bottom of the page.

Bulky Item Collection Service. Bulky items. Kerbside Collections and Recycling FAQs. Kerbside. Blue Bin and Blue Box Recycling Service. Households. Before you begin. Why not sign up for an account and save yourself time? Signing up means your details will be automatically entered. Information about Harlow Council services during Christmas and New Year.

Check your revised bin collection dates over Christmas and New Year. Christmas. HARLOW Council is to roll out a new food waste recycling collection service for blocks of flats to help prevent food waste from going to landfill. The roll-out of the new scheme will be conducted in two phases with the first collections beginning on Friday (December 6). To check your collection day, report a missed collection or request a new recycling container go to the online look up and enter your postcode.

For a guide to your waste and recycling collections, including what is included in your recycling sacks and wheeled bins, download Introducing your new waste collection service Christmas trees can be left out for collection alongside the food and garden waste bin.

(Cut it in half if it is more than three feet tall. ) There are usually also special arrangements after Christmas which permit the collection of side waste (i. e. rubbish left beside the wheelie bin). Data in respect of both Harlow and Epping forest District is presented together as. No side waste collection is carried out the only exception is at Christmas (1st. HARLOW Council has published its revised New Year waste and recycling collection dates.

They are as follows: Normal: Friday, January 3 - Revised: Monday, January 6. During the Christmas and New Year period, residents will be advised if and when additional waste is collected. This will appear on the relevant collection calendar. Missed bins Waste Connections, El Dorado Disposal Services. commercial trash and recycling collection services. If Christmas& New Years Day falls on a weekday all. Collection Day Finder Use our postcode search facility to find out what day of the week your bins will be collected.

Kerbside Collections and Recycling FAQs Harlow Council makes it easy as 1-2-3 to recycle your food waste:. Find out your bin collection dates using the bin collection box. Flats - put the contents of. Christmas and New Year information. recycling more at Christmas. Harlow Council will collect one extra bag of non-recycling on your first non-recycling collection. Information about Harlow Council services during Christmas and. Christmas and New Year information.

on your first non-recycling collection after Christmas. Check your council's website to find out when your rubbish will be collected. Skip to main content. GOV. UK uses cookies to. Find out your rubbish collection day Find out when your rubbish is collected in Epping Forest.

Epping Forest District Council offers a paid bulky waste collection service for. Harlow; Epping Forest; Return to Harlow Council website Harlow Council. Register; Login. Home My Services A to Z My Accounts My Town. Home. Home; My Services A to Z.

HARLOW Council has published its revised New Year waste and recycling collection dates. They are as follows. Normal: Friday, January 3 – Revised: Monday, January 6 Location and opening hours of Harlow recycling centre, and what you can take. Accessibility Tools. Essex recycling and waste. Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.

In my area. Enter your postcode, or part of an address, to view services and facilities available in your area, for example bin collection dates, councillors, council tax.

Find out when your recycling and rubbish bins are collected. However, the collection staff do not work on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day.

Please. Don't forget, your bin collection days will a day later due to the Bank Holiday. Check your collection dates at: www. harlow. gov. uk Your collection day is: FRIDAY Collection zone: purple Waste and recycling collection calendar - 2016/2017 Green week RecyclingFoodGarden Grey week Same day rubbish removal and skip bag service by Clearabee.

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