Send christmas card to jewish friends

My friend is Jewish and I'm not. Do I send a Christmas or Hanukkah card? I send Christmas cards to everyone, irregardless of thier faith, because Christmas is my thing. I do write happy hanukkah in cards for my jewish friends.

If I can get my hands on an Eid card I will send that also. Christmas Cards To Jewish Friends Jewish Mother's Day card Want an original card for your Jewish mom? This card is original illustrated and shows one of the Jewish mother's stereotypes: She loves her children so much, sometimes it’s too tight.

This year, I got photo cards that say" Merry Christmas. " I didn't see any nice cards that matched my photo and said" Happy Holidays. " Is it rude to send the Merry Christmas cards to our friends who are Jewish? I say to Christians and others who celebrate Christmas, don’t worry about your Jewish friends and acquaintances, we are just fine.

The overwhelming majority of us will respond with a cheery. You don't send a birthday card to your friends on YOUR birthday. I send Christmas cards, but I looked at them as aimed at wishing the recipient a happy holiday, not as a part of my celebration that involves contacting everyone I know. I can't fathom sending a Jewish friend a card wishing them Merry Christmas unless they celebrate Christmas as a non-religious holiday which a few people I know do.

Dec 19, 1990. Dear Miss Manners-Not being of the Christian faith but having many friends who are, I always send Christmas cards to my Christian friends. Dec 17, 2008 · I'm Jewish and think 14: 37's response is interesting. I get lots of cards from non-Jewish friends that say Merry Christmas. I don't get majorly offended, but I do inwardly wish they could take 2 seconds to write" Happy Chanukah" on there, since, as 14: 37 puts it, I am not Christian and celebrate Chanukah every year of my life.

Dec 26, 2008. Katie Halper: Christians, send your Jewish friends 'thank you for Christmas' greeting cards. I would like to give birth to a new holiday tradition. If one wants to send religious cards at Christmas, consider relying on an address list consisting of only other Christian friends. Some see the sending of religious cards during Christmas as a way to proselytize and witness the birth of Christ.

Our Christmas card design clearly states" Merry Christmas. " My husband has befriended a business contact who is Jewish and we'd like to send him a card this season. Because Jewish people do not consider Christmas their holiday, most cannot relate meaningfully to a Christmas greeting. On the other hand, quite often Jewish people do send Christmas greetings to their Gentile friends and business associates. So you would think holiday cards would be right up my alley.

But they’re not. First, let’s not beat around the Hanukkah bush anymore. These are not really “holiday” cards we’re talking about. The reason people send cards around this time of year is to say Merry Christmas.

We have plenty of cards to celebrate the Jewish holidays throughout the year - such as Tu Bishvat. Send a card to your Jewish friends and family to celebrate!

Because Jewish people do not consider Christmas their holiday, most cannot relate meaningfully to a Christmas greeting. On the other hand, quite often Jewish people do send Christmas greetings to their Gentile friends and business associates. Celebrate the spirit of Hanukkah with friends, family. Browse all 106 cards ». Send warm and cute ecards from our site to wish. Browse all 45 cards ». Dec 1, 1988. Merry Christmas—Jewish Style: How to Include Jewish Friends and Neighbors in Your. Should I send Christmas cards to my Jewish friends?

It's the season to send Christmas cards - but the festive postbag can also be a social and ethical minefield, writes Ed Ram. 1. Buying in bulk Christmas card sales make charities an estimated £. As someone with Jewish friends, I think a generic holiday card is way better than a Hanukkah card. Hanukkah is a minor Jewish holiday whose importance has been exagerated because it occurs in the vicinity of Christmas. Cards and presents are not part of the celebration of Hanukkah.

Stick to Happy Send christmas card to jewish friends, its respectful and thoughtful. Dec 06, 2007 · Is it rude to send Christmas Cards to Jewish people?. If they are your friends, then they should just be happy to know that you were thinking about them during the holidays.

I send everyone the same card, because *I* am celebrating Christmas and thinking of them. If I ever had someone ask that I not send them a Christmas card. Yes, my mother cheerfully displayed the happy holidays cards from our non-Jewish friends, but it was very clear to us kids that our Jewish friends would not be sending cards. Or, in the rare instance that a Jewish friend did, it was something we slightly chuckled about, knowing that their sending a card was somewhat peculiar.

The cards, now proudly displayed on my mantel, are such a warm way to reconnect, particularly with our friends and family scattered around the country and the world. The Holiday Season may not be a Jewish thing, but I do see it as partially an American thing. A Rosh Hashanah wish to sweeten up your Jewish friends' new year. Free online Sweet Rosh Hashanah Wish ecards on Rosh Hashanah. to send wishes to friends, family.

If your" Christmas card" is your annual update, with photos of you/your family then it is completely reasonable to send your Jewish friend such a Christmas card. On the other hand, if it is a standard-issue Hallmark Christmas card, then don't do that. If you really want to send a card, make it a New Year card. Conversely, to my Jewish friends and family I may send a Happy Hanukkah card, and to others I'll send Seasons Greetings or Happy Holidays with a winter setting but no religious symbols (like decorated Christmas trees).

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